Digital Story Telling – Can it work for a math course?

Although I am not teaching yet, I figured one of the subjects I may be teaching which I wanted to explore was math. I wanted to explore this subject because I figured this would be a difficult subject for incorporating digital story telling. After doing some research however, this does not seem to be the case at all! Which was great news for me!

I came across this link which I read and it immediately began sparking ideas for me. I would have my students create a digital story and I feel like there are two ways I could incorporate this.

One way is I could give each student a different math problem and they could tell a story about how they solved it. I would want them to demonstrate their logical thought process in solving the math problem as well as any resources or people they talked to for help in the subject (ie, myself the teacher or colleagues). I think this would really help them to learn what their thinking process is when it comes to solving problems, they will learn what works for them and can apply it to all other math problems in the future. This also goes back to the ‘thinking about thinking’ idea for metacognition.

Another way is I could give them a math concept to learn from the curriculum, even let them choose which one they want to learn. For example, one could be the quadratic equation and they could present the subject to the class in a story. I would want them to present the story of the quadratic equation; the history, how it was derived, what it used for and how to apply it to a real problem. Heck I could even create a webquest for this assignment as well!!

I would love to be able to test these assignments and how effective it would be for their learning and if it would help engage their interest in a subject that most students dislike while also helping them retain more of the information. I wonder if they would ever forget the quadratic equation after that assignment?




One thought on “Digital Story Telling – Can it work for a math course?

  1. So Cool! I love the link you shared. It is amazing what you can find to help you out, just by googling! I think the option to have a video lesson really appeals to visual learners! I like how you mentioned that you could use it to teach a lesson, as well as have them use the digital resources to present to the class. Also fantastic that you tied in metacognition into your blog post as well. Really great writing!


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