Inquiry-Based Project: Meal Planning

Before this project I never brought lunch to work and always bought in the cafeteria. This was not good on the wallet or on the weight…so with this course and not to mention getting married in May what a great opportunity to learn how to do this! Here is my presentation on this subject.

I had no idea where to start! So I sat down and asked myself some questions.

What do I want to know? After trying some diets that left me always hungry and unsatisfied I wanted to know what I should be eating day to day to fuel my body. I decided I should talk to a nutritionist or dietician, but which one? What is the difference? After some online research I decided to seek out a dietician for some advice. Once I had this information (which was a LOT of information) it was time to ask myself the next question.

What do I need to execute the dieticians plan? I need food! But I don’t want to buy so much it goes bad. So I figured I needed to narrow my scope to 1 week of meal planning and food. I got a great cookbook with tons of healthy recipes for all meals (Trim Healthy Mama cookbook!) and picked 3 meals to make over the course of a weekend.

I executed my plan by buying only the food I needed for the week and low and behold I threw out WAY less food. There was some improvising during the week and I didn’t end up following my plan 100% but that is ok! Live and learn, and sometimes learning something new requires a little bit of trial and error.

My second week doing this I did a lot better, it appears I have gone up the learning curve because it was not as much work and I am getting the hang of portions and serving sizes, the information is starting to stick and I refer to my dieticians info packet less and less often.

I have continued to do this even after I completed this project because I feel so much healthier and I am spending less money and I have lost a couple of pounds to boot!!! It is amazing how much effort you will put into something you actually want to learn!


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